Strictly Jive Group


Our modest aim is to become half-decent jivers. We welcome new attenders, with or without partners, and begin every lesson by revising the beginners’ step and moves. It’s fun, good exercise and easy to learn because we focus strictly on the jive dance. Our professional teachers, Terry and Lynn, have over 15 years jiving experience. We have recently acquired enough confidence to jive in public and have started to attend dances at other venues whenever live bands are playing jive-style music.

  • Group Leader: Chris Worthington.
  • Meetings: Weekly on Wednesdays.
  • Time: 3.15 pm – 5 pm. The “Jive ’til Five Club”!
  • Approx. Cost per member: £5 per session.
  • Venue: Radcllffe Hall ( Royal British Legion).
  • Equipment needed: None.