Geology and Environmental Studies Group


The Group meets regularly either in the Trent Room at Grange Hall or “on site” on field visits to local places of geological interest. During April/May 2019 three meetings were arranged which comprise a mini course on six aspects of Geology.

  • Group Leader: Martin Clarke with Greg Chapman & Bob Addison
  • Meetings 2nd or 3rd Tuesday in the month..
  • Time: A) Talks/discussions in cooler months 2 – 4pm. B) visits/excursions in warmer months from 9am.
  • Approx. Cost per member: A) £2 pp for room costs, tea/biscuits, handouts etc. B) as required eg petrol. parking, entrance fees.
  • Venue: A) Grange Hall Trent Room. B) Visits as planned. eg, Charnwood, Peak District, Rutland water.
  • Equipment needed: Visits may require u3a Hard Hats & Hi Vis Tabards.

Further detail

The program of meetings/sessions comprising the “course” is as follows:

  1. Introduction to Geology. a) Definitions, b) The 3 main classes of Rocks.
  2. Geological Timescales, How old are rocks?
  3. The use of Geological Maps and sections.
  4. Volcanic Rocks – their nature and variety.
  5. Fossils and Evolution.
  6. Economic and Decorative mineral.

Each session will include discussion of illustrations and specimens. Additionally, handouts will be supplied which will summarise subjects covered in each session. Tea and Biscuits available between the two sessions at each meeting.
A summer time program of Field visits, for June onwards, is also in course of preparation.