Are you Zooming?

A message to our Group Leaders about Zoom

Many Groups have already transitioned into support groups and others have continued their normal activities by the miracle of modern technology. Foremost amongst these technologies is Zoom. You may wish to take a look at it if it is new to you, particularly if you are a group leader and want to do something for your group during these tricky times.

Zoom is an online platform which allows you to hold meetings or have a chat via your computer, ipad, smart phone etc and also allows someone to present to you for example the all-important exercise.

So you can meet for 40 minutes free of charge and this may be enough to all have a brew together.

Where more than 40 minutes is needed then we will pay for your group to sign up to Zoom Pro but you will need to speak to The Group Coordinators, Jan Addiscott or Carol White who will sign it off with The Treasurer. Keep Fit and Fit & Toned are already doing this. Obviously this will need to be an activity that really does need that extra time in view of the cost. As Zoom accounts need to be set up by individuals, it is not possible for the U3A to pay on your behalf; the cost will need to be paid each month that we are unable to meet in rooms. All payments can be claimed back, via The Treasurer, when things return to normal. Don’t worry about signing up for the long term as you can cancel at any time.

So take a look at Zoom. If you need a bit of advice on how to proceed Beverley Lawe on our committee has made herself very knowledgeable very quickly and I am sure she will be happy to help.

Contact here: and choose ‘Becoming a Speaker’ to direct your message to Beverley or choose ‘Proposing or Joining a New Group’ to direct your message to Jan and Carol.